"Love this place!"

     - Beth Mazur


"I keep going into my guest rooms to assure myself that it's not a dream; the rooms really do exists.

They are soft, peaceful and absolutely beautiful. I just love them." 

               - Mary Whittington 


"I have had a wonderful experience in working with Laura. I consider her to be one of the best interior

designers in the North Atlanta area. Her taste is so classy and not dated. Her taste in fabrics is amazing!

I would put my trust in her to decorate interior and exterior of my whole home with my eyes shut and

know I would love everything from the needle point pillows to the beautiful fabrics she would choose. 

Laura Ramsey is a class act that would be hard to find anywhere else."


               - Jan Coleman


 "Loved working with Laura Ramsey and her write up on our "kid-friendly" home

(does that mean it's caked in pb&j but still somehow classic)

Highly recommend her if you're looking for help in making your house a home.

Looking forward to starting our next project together!"


       - Heather